The outskirts of Dhaka is famous for all the luxury resorts which make it difficult for the visitors to choose one among the numerous options. In cases like these to find the most perfect resort for a peaceful staycation, we need to focus on some crucial aspects that have to be present in a resort. Resort Atlantis in Ashulia shows us the rightful demonstration for it.

The best resort near Dhaka has to be located in a serene and peaceful place far from the city hustles. While choosing a resort you need to keep in mind that you are looking for a place far from your busy schedule. Resort Atlantis is right on the edge of Dhaka where the city worries cannot reach. Surrounded by nature, this is the most suitable place for your next vacation.

A good resort is aimed to cater to the best hospitality services. Equipped with the latest facilities there should be 24/7 room service available at the resort. From running hot water, wifi, and air-conditioned room to parking spaces for the guests all are available here at Resort Atlantis.
Eye soothing decorated space is a huge advantage of a good resort. When visiting a resort people want to feel relaxed and homely which a well-decorated room helps. Focusing on the psychology of the guests, Resort Atlantis designed its rooms with utmost luxury and elegance.

Serving quality food is a part and parcel of a good resort. The resorts that can serve food from a varied range of cuisines tend to attract more guests to their resorts. At Resort Atlantis the guests can order food from various cuisines all over the world. The services at the resort would serve the meal in their respective rooms as well as dine in the huge hall where over 120 guests can accommodate at once.

Arrangement for fun activities at a resort gives the fulfillment one looks for at a luxury resort. The most unique feature of Resort Atlantis is that they offer entry and ride tickets to Fantasy Kingdom Complex and Water Kingdom Concord to all its residing guests. There are even arrangements for BBQ nights and concerts at night to keep the guests entertained.

Resort Atlantis is the ultimate destination for rejuvenating one’s soul in the midst of nature, luxury, and amusement. To have a blissful day where you can laugh and enjoy to your heart’s content visit Resort Atlantis today.

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