It is a common phenomenon in our country to get caught up with work so much that it becomes hard to spare time for our families. Necessarily, we all should make time for our families and visit a nice resort to strengthen our bond. In such a case a peaceful vacation at Resort Atlantis can be the right solution.

There are different reasons for Resort Atlantis being the perfect resort for a family vacation destination. Starting from the services they offer to the facilities available there, all add to the cause. To spend some quality time with one’s family there is no parallel to Resort Atlantis. Here are the four reasons why Resort Atlantis is the best resort for family staycation.

As the plan would be to spend quality time with family members it is important to choose a resort within a safe distance from the city. Resort Atlantis is located right on the edge of the city which is far from metropolitan rush but near enough to reach in any emergency.

Resort Atlantis is a three-star luxury resort where all the modern amenities are available. All the rooms at the resort are air-conditioned ensuring the utmost comfort for our guests. Other than that there are wifi services, en-suite geyser, cable tv, etc. available there.

The complementary services served at the resort distinguishes Resort Atlantis from all the other resorts in Dhaka. All the guests residing at the resort are offered complimentary breakfast. On top of that, the guests get free entry and eight rides tickets to Fantasy Kingdom Complex and Water Kingdom Concord which is a huge privilege for anyone visiting with their families.

The dining arrangements at Resort Atlantis are one of a kind that entertains our guests and also contents them. Serving meals from a wide range of cuisines the resort is owning its name for this excellent service as well. Other than that there are also options for arranging BBQ parties at night at the resort giving it a unique touch.

A flawless family outing requires it all from top-class lodging to the finest dining. Resort Atlantis offers them all additional entertainment facilities that no other resort can offer. So to avail yourself of the luxurious resort facilities bring your family to Resort Atlantis today.

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