Getting bound in the holy matrimony is surely a huge deal for any couple. To celebrate this journey together we have special arrangements for newlywed couples. Resort Atlantis offers suite for newlyweds for them to have a sweet vacation.

The Suite Rooms are specialized for two persons and full of necessary services available at hand. These well-furnished rooms are decorated with eye-soothing structures. It has the perfect ambiance for anyone who wishes to spend some quality time at the resort.

In terms of the facilities available in the room, they are sufficient on their own. Each of these rooms is fully air-conditioned. They have free wifi and cable tv services along with laundry services. With 24/7 room service facilities, the Suite Rooms are the favorite of all newlyweds.

The couple living in these rooms are entitled to a list of other services essential for their stay here. For example, the guests staying at the resort get car parking spaces for their convenience. Not only that, but they also have fitness centers and convenience stores at the resort. The credit card facilities are cherry on top for the couples residing at Resort Atlantis.

The entertainment options are above average at Resort Atlantis. The resort offers free entry and rides at Fantasy Kingdom Complex along with free entry and unlimited rides at the Water Kingdom Concord. So any new couple can enjoy their time on adventure rides and splashing fun at the parks.

In addition to that, there are other unique fun activities at Resort Atlantis. There are arrangements for a BBQ special night there. Movie shows and Snooker are the two most demanding recreational facilities over there. Different interactive games and live music are also available at the resort.

To complement all these amazing facilities, Resort Atlantis offers the best dining solutions for our Suite guests. The room service option takes the meals right to our guests’ rooms for their utmost comfort. There is also an option for dine-in at the resort restaurant.

Resort Atlantis is an all-encompassing resort fit for all sorts of guests. We have specialized facilities for guests with families as well as for those new couples looking for a suitable calm place. Bring your loved one to Resort Atlantis today to enjoy the most beautiful time we have to offer you.

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