Visiting a resort for a holiday trip sounds fun but choosing a resort where your money will be well-spent and you will get the ultimate pleasure of being out there can take a toll on you. You need to visit a place where you can take part in adventure activities and also enjoy a relaxing stayover.

If you are looking for a resort that is not too far from Dhaka but free from the cityscapes and metro life worries, Resort Atlantis is the best option at hand. There is a list of reasons why choose Resort Atlantis for your next holiday trip.

The Location 

The best resorts are located in peaceful places, serene ones. You should choose a resort that is not too far from your city residence but also near to nature and a peaceful atmosphere. Resort Atlantis is located in such a stunning place: right on the edge of Dhaka yet a calm and quiet place.

Just imagine you wake up from sleep in the morning and peek through the drapes to see lush greenery around you. The sound of birds chirping and spreading serenity. That is the level of comfort and peace Resort Atlantis offers its visitors.

The Hospitality 

It is a signature mark of a luxury resort to offer unparalleled service. Ensuring extra convenience for the guests is mandatory for a good resort. It is the top priority of the authority at Resort Atlantis to think about ways they can make their guests feel special and cater to all of their needs.

Starting from the booking at the resort, the visitors can experience the effort of the resort to make their stay wonderful. The line of great services starts with a complimentary breakfast. Specifically, if you are to visit the resort to celebrate any special occasion then any note made at the time of reservation would be attended to.

The Decor 

Even though a resort visiting guest does not spend the whole time in the room, the decoration of the overall place tells a great deal about the resort. The look and feel of the room should give off a luxurious image. The decor of the room creates the first impression of Resort Atlantis.

One of the special features of Resort Atlantis is attention to detail.  From the furniture to the artwork, everything is synced to soothe the visitors’ eyes. Resort Atlantis embodies all the modern amenities such as wi-fi, satellite TV, en-suite geyser, intercom, etc. For the convenience of the visitors, even the rooms are classified into seven sorts.

The Dining 

The dining is another integral part of a resort that makes it unique from the rest. Any typical resort might have a sort of dining available but only luxury resorts put huge effort into this sector. Delicious food accompanied by friendly and consistent staff is needed for a resort to call it a luxury resort.

Resort Atlantis has won peoples’ hearts with the mouthwatering food they serve at their adjacent dining. They have upscale dining, bars, as well as casual eatery available at the resort. They also serve food from a wide range of cuisines. You can have your meal at the central dining or have it delivered to your room.

The Fun Activities 

Visiting a resort does not mean only sleeping in luxurious rooms, it also requires some fun and adventurous activities. While choosing a resort it is important to also check what sort of fun activities are available at the resort. Resort Atlantis has upped its game in this race like no other.

Booking rooms at Resort Atlantis allows you to have free tickets to the Fantasy Kingdom Concord and Water Kingdom Concord. The Fantasy Kingdom is the biggest amusement park in Dhaka and next to it is the Water Kingdom where you can enjoy unlimited fun water rides.

The places you visit play an essential role in building your persona. After having a hard week at the workplace it is utterly important to have a weekend all by yourself and your loved ones. Visiting Resort Atlantis as soon as possible might be your solution to trip planning worries.

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